Is your site secure?

Yes it is.  We use PayPal for all of our transactions so none of your financial information is recorded or passed to us.

Can I pay with anything other than PayPal?

Not at this time.  We only accept PayPal as this keeps our site overhead very low and allows us to keep our product pricing low.

I placed my order, what happens now?

You should receive an email shortly with download instructions.

I ran out of downloads and I need to download my file again.  What do I do?

By default, we allow 5 download attempts.  If for some reason you need more, please contact us and we can add more to your account.

NextWave Tracks

Why are NextWave Track Packs $29.99 but I can buy songs on iTunes for $.99?

All music is copyrighted and most songs on iTunes are not licensed to be used in video work.  That’s why you need to purchase royalty free music (see below).  Most royalty free music starts at $30 per track or $100 per pack, which makes NextWave Tracks some of the most affordable royalty free music available.

What is Royalty Free music?

Royalty free music is music that has been licensed to be used video work.  It is still copyright protected.  By purchasing NextWave Tracks, you agree to abide by our License Agreement.

Did you make this music?

We have hired professional composers and musicians to create NextWave Tracks.  Each composer is responsible for the design, naming and copyright of NextWave Tracks.


I’m having trouble opening the HDSLR 101 file.

Our NextWave Tracks are compressed with ZIP but HDSLR 101 is compressed with RAR to make it a little smaller and easier to download.  Please make sure you have StuffIt Expander installed (if on a Mac) or Extract Now installed (if on a PC).

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